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Swiss Berlin-based singer Morgane Matteuzzi studied Opera at the Royal College of Music in London. When living in this cityshe also collaborated with the industrial/electronic metal band "Ignocide" and Etienne Pelosoff (Trve Brutal Black Jazz). Last year, Morgane moved to Berlin to work on various music projects as well as composing her EP "Inner voices" (release on the 16th of November 2020). 

A few months ago, Morgane collaborated with the American Rapper "Sinizter" on a song called "Dead From The Inside" appearing on his album "Diatribe 2". The song was produced by Brian Spencer who has also produced for Scarlxrd and Sid from Slipknot. Later, Morgane and Brian Spencer wrote a song together called "Nightmare" and released it last June.

 Morgane has always loved experimenting with extremes and blending sounds that one would not normally expect to be combined. Studying classical music and collaborating with people from different musical background definitely influenced Morgane's very unique sound and taught her to use her voice in many different ways; her specialty is to blend her distorted screams with her operatic vocals. Morgane says that she loves fusing everything that moves her together to create a unique bubble; its own universe.

Press release for upcoming EP

"Inner Voices"


After working on it for two years in between London and Berlin Morgane finally announces the release of her 6 tracks EP "Inner Voices" that will be available on all digital platforms from the 16th of November 2020. "Inner Voices" is a concept EP talking about mental health and anxiety. Through her music, the artist wanted to reproduce the feeling some people will experience during their life when suffering of anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

By over layering her voice and contrasting different vocal techniques (Opera, Distorted, Smooth, Chest...) the artist wanted to portray what is is like to be in the mind of someone who is unable to control their own thoughts.

Morgane wanted people who have suffered from anxiety and intrusive thoughts to feel that they are not alone. Off the track the artist says:

All these different voices I make represents our "Inner Voices". Some are harassing us, some are here trying to reassure us, and others we just don't know what they are still doing here ."

For this release, Morgane teamed up with "Etienne Pelosoff" who mixed and arranged the whole EP beautifully. She also collaborated on a song with Amélie G., drummer of "Ignocide" and "Etienne Pelosoff". You willl also hear again her previously released track "Bleeding Out" featuring the Australian artist "NETTI".

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