I recently had the honour to compose and record a topline and atmospheric vocal harmonies on the beautiful music of "Yuta Mori", Japanese composer. 

This track was composed for a short Japanese movie in which "Jun Shison" and "Ryunosuke Kamiki" play.


In April 2019, American rapper  "Sinizter" signed to "Earache Records" released his track "Dead From The Inside" part of his album Diatribe 2. I wrote the lyrics and the top line of my singing part. The track was produced by "Brian Spencer" who also produces for Scarlxrd and Sid from Slipknot. I have then composed a song with Brian Spencer called " Nightmare".


In June 2020, I composed and sang the music of a swiss documentary ''Passes-moi les jumelles, le chant des sculptures'' . This documentary features Sylvie Ramu an incredible sculptor based in Switzerland. Further down you can find two extracts of my music appearing in this documentary.

Extract 1

Extract 2