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a selection of work I was commissioned for

GFDM- strings for Maali

Vocal arranger and Vocalist for Grammy awarded engineer (Kylie Minogue) Philip Larsen released with Universal: Ingrooves Music Group.

Le chant des sculptures- PAJU (RTS)

Film composer, producer and opera singer.


L'homme lisière- PAJU (RTS)

Film composer, producer, singer.

NUALIE- Better without me

Music producer.

Neutron Solstice- Cosmic force

Music producer, mixing mastering engineer, vocalist.

Neutron Solstice- Monsters

Music producer, mixing mastering engineer, vocalist.


Topliner and opera singer for short film #Todoke featuring 'Jun Shison' and 'Ryunosuke Kamiki' music by 'Yuta Mori'.

Sinizter Diatribe 2-  Dead from the inside

Topliner, co-songwriter and singer for 'Dead from the inside' by 'Sinizter' song produced by 'Brian Spencer' (scarlxrd, sid slipknot).

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