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If you are interested in my services please contact me through the homepage contact form that you can find by clicking right here:

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Vocal recording/ arrangement

As a singer, my specialty is to create harmonies and generate ''choir effects'' by over layering my voice. I also excel at writing all kinds of top line to suit the genre of my client's music. I am very versatile and able to use my voice in a vast array of styles. I record with a Neumann TLM103  and am able to  sing in French, English, Italian and German. 

Contact for pricing (accept payment in all currencies) 


Music Production

You have a song that needs some additional production or maybe you need something made from scratch? I am able to do that for you in a wide variety of styles! 

Gear, Plug-ins and DAW: 

  • Neumann TLM 103

  • Logic Pro X

  • Ableton Live 10

  • Soundtoys 

  • Izotope 

  • Arturia

  • Spitfire audio 

  • Adam audio T5V

  • DT770 PRO

  • Ableton push 2

  • Nektar Impact GX49

  • Scarlett 8i6

  • Valhalla

Contact for pricing (accept payment in all currencies) 


Film Music  

If your film or video is missing some music and or sound design it would be my pleasure to make this for you from scratch.

Contact for pricing (accept payment in all currencies) 


Songwriting / commercial songwriting

If you need help with your lyrics and topline or a song written from scratch feel free to contact me !

Contact for pricing (accept payment in all currencies) 


Singing/ Production/ Songwriting lessons

Having completed my studies in opera singing at the esteemed Royal College of Music, along with contemporary vocal training at BIMM in Berlin, I'm delighted to offer my expertise as a singing coach tailored to your preferred technique. 

For those interested in songwriting and production, I'm excited to guide you in crafting captivating melodies and lyrics. Additionally, I can provide insights into arranging songs in a commercially appealing manner. Should you seek a more experimental approach, I'm equally enthusiastic about assisting you in exploring innovative directions.

My lessons are flexible, accommodating both online and in-person arrangements in both French and English.

Pricing: 60 CHF per hour (accept payement in all currencies) 

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