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SYNEYE- Solo Project

SYNEYE is the stage name of Swiss singer songwriter and producer Morgane Matteuzzi. 

My project was built around a condition that I have called 'synesthesia' which is a ‘’neuropsychological trait in which the stimulation of one sense causes the automatic experience of another sense’’Hermann (2021).

In my stage name, ‘SYN’ refers to synesthesia and ‘EYE’ to mind’s eye. As electronic sounds appear the most beautiful to me, they are very prevalent in my music.  I sometimes paint songs that appear the most beautiful to me and you can find some of these at the end of this page.

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SYNEYE- Breaking Me Inside (Playlisted on Couleur 3)

SYNEYE- Before My time (Playlisted on Couleur 3)

SYNEYE- Paintings

Welcome to my collection of paintings, ready for you to explore and acquire.

If you're in the Bern or Geneva area, you can conveniently pick them up.

For those further afield, I'm happy to arrange overseas shipping, though please keep in mind that shipping costs are separate.

Remember, I'm also available for personalised commissions. If there's a special song you'd like me to bring to life on canvas for yourself or a loved one, feel free to get in touch. Your ideas are more than welcome, and I'm excited to discuss how we can create something truly meaningful together.

IMAGE 2023-08-07 10_46_36.jpg

What I see when listening to Lovely by Billie Eilish

Acrylic painting 

65X50 cm canvas

350 chf

IMAGE 2023-08-07 10_55_11.jpg

What I see when listening to sever the blight by hemlocke springs

Acrylic painting 

60X50 cm canvas

300 chf

All website's portraits: Samuel Python 

Make up: Eléara Salvati

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